Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden projects currently in progress.

This is a working list of areas needing and/or getting work this year (2010):

Project A: Big rocks and a bench in the Southeast corner.
Status: Mostly finished. Lots of plants added on either side. More needed.
From the new bench in the Southeast corner.

New Bench

New Bench

ProjectB: Create a separate garden entrance in the Northwest corner.
Status: A wooden door has been bought but still needs to be prepped, painted and hung.
Too Much Information

Sub-project B-1: Clean up the front hedge and plantings.
Status: The pyrocantha and 'Kiftsgate rose' has been pruned back for 2010.
The bed under the hedge has been weeded and cleaned up.
The front fence has been beefed up but is not yet finished.
Two dozen iceplant starts planted under the hedge north of the driveway.
Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate'

Sub-project B-2: The driveway gate needs repair.
Status: Temporarily stabilized.

Sub-project B-3: White garden established immediately inside the site of the new gate.
Status: A trellis supporting the well established climbing 'Iceberg' rose is built.
A blue wire design under the trellis frames the view to the house and garden.
The bed directly on the other side of the blue wire design has been planted with
many white flowering plants, with some pink and a little blue too.
Blue wire trellis in front of the white garden border.

White garden area.

New denizen of the 'white garden'.

Sub-project B-4: Pavers for a courtyard and pathway from the site of the new gate.
Status: Pathways are finished from the driveway, along the front fence to the wood shed.
Pavers are in place from the end of the woodshed to what will become a large
raised planter. The planter itself is roughed in only temporarily.

Project C: Create a pathway, gardens and a bench out along the creek, from gate to gate.
Status: The path is done for now. Enough plants are in place for now. Refine over time. No recent photos but this one from last winter shows the edge of the creek where I've planted Puyas and Fascicular bicolor.
Fletcher at the precipice

Project D: Create a wildflower garden in the side 'lawn'.
Status: Last year was successful but the weeds were just too much. Probably will need to grade it, put down a barrier of newspaper or cardboard, and then add a growing layer before trying again. Here' what it looked like last year (2009):
New Wildflower Meadow - Linanthus, Showy Clarkia and good ol' California Poppy

Gandalf in the wildflower meadow.

Project E: Make the old vegetable garden into more socializing area, mostly hardscape.
Status: Really need to bring in a mini grader/digger. The tree stump too needs to go. Not much to show here yet but here are pictures from back in the day when it was still a vegetable garden.
Side Yard From Above Birdroom

Northern Sideyard Fence From Above the Birdroom

Here are the screen tiles I've mounted in the fence at the back of this area. The pathway out along the creek terminates at a gateway at the end of this fence.
New Dawn rose with new screen tiles.

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